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Swimming Pools built to last! "Your Pool Our Quality" H20 Pools Design Custom Swimming Pools; is truly a Custom Swimming Pool Builder. We offer all Major Brands to each and every Custom Swimming Pool; this includes Pentair, Hayward and Zodiac. Zodiac offers its tradtional product line of Polaris as well as the Jandy Swimming Pool Automation and Equipment. We also are an Authorized Dealer with Zodiac which includes Polaris Brands. We stand behind and Support all Manufacture warranties; this also includes the Raypak/Rheem Swimming Pool Commercial and Residential Heaters. H20 Pools Design supports all applications in Swimming Pool Automation and LED lighting. We have solutions to every Custom Swimming Pool needs. This includes New Swimming PoolConstruction, Renovations and swimming Pool Repairs. We specialize in Swimming Pool Automation, Salt Systems, Heaters and Equipment Repairs. H20 Pools Design offers discounted Swimming Pool Equipment Repairs all year. Our Service Calls remain "active" 30 days after repair completion. H20 Pools Design has a standard Labor warranty of 90 days and any new manufacture products we install carries a 1 year warranty. H20 Pools Design has deep roots within All Major Brands and can Solve any type of Swimming Pool Repair. We look forward to Solving all your Custom Swimming Pool Needs. H20 Pools Design is proud to call you our Customer!  



H20 Pools Design - Negative or Infinity Edge Pools


 Cost to Build - Average Cost is between $30,000 - $100,000+

 Progress Managment - Level VII 

 Design - Complete Design  *Bonus - Receive a complematary 8" x 10" Orginial Concept Drawing. Color

                                                            Framed and Matted for your Home or Office.

 Sale Meeting - Lot Survey, Utility, Final Grade Survey. One or more Survey MUST have Easement of Support


                                                                                           Sale Meeting 2nd -  Design Concept Drawing/s ,  hydraulic tutorial,  In depth analysis of supporting documents


                                                                                           Sale Meeting 3rd -  Final Reveiw all Drawings and Supporting Documents, Contract Pending for Sale


                                                                                           Final Sale Meeting - Finalize all required documentation, Contract, Schedule, Close.

H20 Pools Designs - Our definition of Quality.

People define quality perhaps in a trusted name brand. H20 Pools Design offers everyone a choice in all name brands not just one. H20 Pools Design builds Custom Swimming Pools with integrity. The earliest stages of a Custom Swimming Pool build are the most important. Thats why H20 Pools Design belly steel is 1/2 inches in areas that are crucial; especially in the Blackland areas. H20 Pools Design also makes sure to secure the Decking Steel within the belly steel walls and no less than 3ft. We center Our belly steel to a strict 4 inches per square foot. Often tolerances can be tighter offering the most secure Steel shell possible. H20 Pools Design understands the Structural Intent of this proven method in Steel Shell Design. H20 Pools Design also defines quality in the nature of binding products; this includes shooting a true Gunite wall, supported by a soild firm belly steel design with secured decking steel firmly planted within the structure of the pool itself. H20 Pools Design also prides itself on using the highest grade Plasters. We like to use the term Plaster for Life. However we do offer all plaster styles. Each pool plaster category starts with a a 6 year warranty. H20 Pools Design uses a ratio of Quartz in all White Plaster finishes. This ratio of Quarts is Standard at no less than 40%. This yields a 60/40 mix. Sixty percent Portland cement to a forty percent quartz/marble mix; in turn we can truly offer a 6 year warranty on this type of finish. In our continued quality we also offer other Plasters such as Diamond Brite, Durazzo both carrying a 12 year warranty and what we call the plaster for life River Rok. River Rok offers the most top quality pre-mixed (factory) Plaster finish in today's Custom building feature. River Rok has many colors to choose from and offers a Laguna overall look and feel; its backed by a 20 year warranty. H20 Pools Designs also offers real Oklahoma flagstones quarry as well as true Moss rock boulders. 

Rockwall Texas -


We are proud Residents in Our community. H20 Pools Design is based in the samll quit town of Fate Texas. Located in Royse City Texas. We call Rockwall County our Home. We enjoy Our Local Merchants and the Recently added Hilton located in the beatiful Harbor District. H20 Pools Design although Our name is only two years old our roots go back to some of the more established local builders. H20 Pools Design is a smaller operation; although our cost to build Custom Swimming Pools is in most cases around a 20% Savings. This is attributed to less Labor costs as well less overhead. H20 Pools Design intent is not to build 100 pools a year; rather bring back Custom Swimming Pool Building; thats why H20 Pools Design pays more attention to detail while retaining the quality of their workmanship.